What Could've Been

March 20, 2011
You say I’m down to Earth,
But when you’re around
My heart sends me to space.
The planets can’t sustain
The power of love.
You hold onto my arm tightly
So I do not fall.
But it’s too late,
Cause you’ve had me tripping
Since the beginning of time.
When I fall,
You ask me if I’m alright,
But trust me as long as your with me
I’ll shall be just fine.
There’s something you don’t know,
I want to be your girl.
Too bad for me,
Cause you’re already taken.
My sea of possibilities drained,
But not before it flooded my heart.
And here I am,
Such a fool to believe
That I had a chance, that there was a start
Of something only I coulve dreamed.
The window of opportunity has closen,
I gues it shows we’re not to be together.
So you will stay as my best friend,
A haunting reminder of what could’ve been.

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