Fire Apon A Valley

March 22, 2011
By whitewolf BRONZE, Huber Heights, Ohio
whitewolf BRONZE, Huber Heights, Ohio
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An ancient wind chilled me, drew me closer, oh so closer,
My heart longed to be with the articulate poser.

To be swept away by the cool, blue tide,
But upon this valley with a fire, the feeling will subside.

The flames sometime bring hope, but a flame will soon go out,
But the flames that keep growing wildly always seem to shout:

“It will come, my dear child, keep a hold to me now.”
The fire swayed too and fro, as if to give a small bow.

I will never let go, I will never have believed,
The myths, lies, and stories; they want us to be deceived.

The stories are like roots, to this small valley I know,
But knowing they are lies allows my blinding fire to grow.

I’ve waited so long, my flame is flashing wild,
The valley would not expect this, because I am but a child.

The flames bring new energy, a scorching, fiery ball,
When it comes and hits, it’s the beginning of us all.

It seems to be the end; the fire’s getting small,
I can’t believe I thought it was the end of us all!

The ancient winds blew, chilling me once more,
Sending shivers that deliver the flames to my core.

A voice sounded in the distance, not far from my valley now,
The dead trees, grass, and broken families all seemed to bow.

My flame flickered and moved wildly, as the booming voice came louder,
And the stories and lies became the myths, while my flame and I became prouder.

Utter brilliance blinded me, as it flashed across the sky,
It zigzagged and criss-crossed then disappeared, but not to say goodbye.

It came again and again, its power and strength growing more,
Hearing the voice and seeing the brilliance sent shivers to my core.

The loud, joyful voices and brilliant flashing lights were above my valley now,
My valley itself and the fire upon the valley all seemed to bow.

The ancient winds brought dark, broad shapes drifting in the sky,
They slowed down as they entered my valley, and I exhaled with a sigh.

I knew what was coming; something stories could never tell,
They’ve never seen, heard, touched, or be brought to a soft, and alluring smell.

The fire inside me swelled, until you could see it with your eyes,
Then all of a sudden small, shiny, beautiful crystals started falling from the sky.

The crystals came down like rivers, something my valley has never seen,
The crystals dissolved when they hit my valley, then my valley was suddenly clean.

I watched as my valley came back to life, and I watched the flaming fire die,
I watched the grass grow green, the roses bloom red, and to who thought this was all a lie.

I watched the fire upon my valley dissipate,
But the flame inside me will forever wait.

For when a time comes and the fire once more will swell,
It will forever be in my heart, and soul to dwell.

The feeling sends hope to the flame of my core,
And now the fire upon the valley is no more.

The author's comments:
There are many ways to decifer this poetry. I hope in any way you do decifer it, you will enjoy it.

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