Ode To My Fortress

March 14, 2011
A powerful structure
Impenetrable from all sides
Layer upon layer of defenses
Tall and strong it stands proud
But most striking of this entire fortress are its twin windows

At the top the windows lay
Beautiful glass tinted blue
Like two seductive pools of water
Hypnotizing and alluring they pull you in
Pure beauty undefined

A double-edged blade
Beauty with a cost
For the windows lay open
Unable to be closed
Leaving the fortress vulnerable

Protect itself the fortress must
Hidden the open windows are
Behind hair-like curtains
And clear glass screens
Still though the fortress remains vulnerable

Looking out though the open windows
I can’t help but frown
Years upon years my fortress has grown
Still I am vulnerable
The demons swarm around

My fortress grows weary
But I continue to hide unsure of what else to do
I see the weakness in my fortress
The demons that scan me day after day know it’s there
So I continue to build my fortress stronger and stronger in hopes no one ever enters

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