Painful Reminder

March 14, 2011
A dead man walking
At least that’s what I see
Complete failure in life
Survival off the remains of others
You are a filthy vulture!

Profession in deceit
Son of Loki
A golden tongue misused
Unable to be fooled I am
Paths of misgivings you walk!

With a stupefied form you continue on
Eyes bloodshot red proof of recent ventures
A cloud of deadly smoke surrounds you keeping me at bay
Demons in the forms of pills and other objects whisper lies that you believe
Not telling you that by this belief you turn your low life into ruins!

The single bright side in this tragic play
I shall never follow in your pathetic footsteps
With eyes that shine blue wise beyond there year
I look at you though the dark haze around
Shaking my head in disappointment

Tears burn behind my eyes
But refuse to come to surface
So I look up towards the heavens begging for an answer
In god’s voice I receive what I have ultimately sought
As long as you live and even in death you will always be to me big brother a Painful Reminder!

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