Never Together, Never Apart

March 14, 2011
By JustBelieveInMe BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
JustBelieveInMe BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"And if it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart the only dream that mattered had come true... In this life I was loved by you"

Through the miles
Across the states
The only way we're back together
may only be fate.

I can't tell you in person
But to me, you're the world
That might sound like a lot
But you know you're my girl.

Together forever
Somethin' we've said many times
Ironically enough,
Maybe God said otherwise.

Maybe we lived in the moments
Never thought this could happen
Can't get over all the times
That we've spent together laughing.

If my wish to relive any moment
Suddenly happened to come true
The moment I'd choose
Would be any with you.

You never know a good thing 'til it's gone
Never knew how true this one until now
I've made it this far without you
I still don't know how.

Due to some decisions
Yet our strong spirits and hearts
We're never together :(
Yet never apart. :)

The author's comments:
Two years ago, my best friend moved to California. At first, we spoke everyday. Then after a few months, her phone got taken away. We only spoke every few months, luckily that has increased. We won't be physically together for a while, but we aren't apart either.

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