Sestina #2

March 17, 2011
By , Juneau, AK
Someone waits alone in the dark,
Trying to help, yet keeping
To the blackness and warmth
Of the edge unknown. Watching the animals
Turn on each other in anger
Succumbing and becoming still.
None notice the quite and still
Of the background shrouded in dark.
No one feels the emanating anger
Full of fear, the only thing keeping
These engulfing animals
Surrounding and sucking the warmth
From everything. Even the animals
That heed the dark
With awe and respect; shadows keeping
All their beastly anger
At bay. Returning and turning their anger
Into something falsely full of warmth
And inclusion. Covering and keeping
All in pain un-naturally still
And at uncomfortable ease. The dark
Calms and comforts the animals
Of our Earth, feeding them, the animals
With hate and fear and anger,
So they are of one being with the dark.
Someone waits alone in the shade of warmth
Attempting a task still
Undefined, while keeping
Faith that someday the animals
Will truly know and become still.
Releasing to the black their anger
Turning as one into the warmth.
Appalled and saddened by their dark
And what it did with them in anger.
One, maybe two, await in the shade of warmth
Ready for all to remember and swallow in them the dark.

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