Sighs of Facing Death

March 17, 2011
By jazzy1234 BRONZE, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
jazzy1234 BRONZE, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
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Lying still-
All dirty and thirsty.
Lying trembling-
With puffs of breath,
Studying other’s face,
Sobbing for food.

Large eyes wondered,
Will I ever be free?
Unsmiling sticky
Afraid of the quiet and grayness
Large eyes gaze away to face
The fear called death.

Undressed, slimmer and unwashed.
What have I done?
“Hush now, lie still. Don’t
Be afraid.”

Speechless - did I have to witness?
Empty town, completely dark,
Shadows of sighs.
Echoes saying, “Goodbye.”

The author's comments:
Represents the Holocaust.

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