Midnight Music

March 17, 2011
In the cover
Of velvety night
A body's inner light
Their soul
Shines brighter than ever

And maybe that's why
My most natural smile
Paints my face
In the moonlight
And maybe that's why
My most meaningful tears
Rain down my cheeks
In the starlight

The moon and stars
Are my audience
As I dance across the stage
Holding me back
Music twinkling
Like early morning dew
A sweet symphony
Of aloneness
Washing over me

When daylight creeps up
Arriving too soon
Like bitter winter
And the chaos ensues
When other souls
Strain for their place
In the spotlight
The midnight music
Saves me
From certain madness

In my mind
I leap and soar
Weaving my heart
Into the music
Realizing every second
That aloneness
Is not always bad

When the last note
Fades away
Rushes out
From my pool of memories
My soul will dry out
Choked by drought
Cracks will run down
Destroying me because
There's no promise
Of refreshing rain
To cleanse my soul
I would shrivel up
Without my sweet
Midnight Music

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