Words of the Broken

March 16, 2011
By Kristienne Opena BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Kristienne Opena BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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I was just thinking about you.
Our long talks and late nights.
Our secrets and promises.
Plans we made, wishes we had.
All those times were ours, just ours.
I treasured them deeply,
Every moment we had.
It was all ingrained in my heart and soul,
Sworn never to be forgotten.
I replayed them all in my head.
Thinking how precious they were,
How precious YOU were.
I remembered them, every detail,
Not with sadness, but with love
and not with regret, but with fondness.
I told myself over and over
That we were special, one of a kind
And neither of us would ever be the same again.
But then I found out that I was just one of many.
I wasn't picked out from the crowd
I wasn't chosen. I wasn't special.
I was just a convenience.
A prize, a toy to be played with.
And I unknowingly let myself be played,
Just like a fiddle.
Now all those moments?
The ones I ingrained in my heart and soul?
The ones I swore never to forget?
The one I replayed over and over in my head?
They didn't seem so precious to me anymore.
They just seemed like a curse, a reminder
That every moment we had was just a lie.
All the long talks and late nights?
The secrets and promises?
The plans and wishes?
The were all a lie.
And every time I remember each moment,
I keep wishing I couldn't.
Every time I remembered the fact that I was just one of many?
I keep wishing I wasn't.
You broke me, broke my heart.
I wish you'd just left me alone.
I wish you weren't so close.
I wish you weren't there.
I wish...
I wish...
I wish I didn't care...

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