March 14, 2011
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I am done with you
you only caused me pain and
you killed my self esteem.

“You’re too fat for a guy.”
I would suck in until I could barely breath
I would skip meals when I did eat I would puke

“You’re too tall for a guy.”
I would slouch when I stood up
never standing straight up.

“You need to wear lower cut shirts.”
you dressed me as a skanky as you could
you would pull my shirt down if it wasn’t low enough.

“You need go for the ugly guys. You might have a shot with them.”
I would go through the day thinking I'm not pretty
I might not even have a shot with the uglier guys

“You need to wake up you can’t have him you’re too ugly!”
I went two years thinking I was never going to be pretty
I would put on make up trying to look better

We were suppose to be best friends.
Why was I so blind from you?
You’re the reason when I receive compliment I think they’re lying.

I thought you were being honest
but you know what?
I am pretty,
I am skinny,
I don't need to dress skanky,
and guys will like me for who I am.

I have to thank you though if it wasn’t for you
I wouldn’t of ever known what a true friend was
I would keep thinking they’re what you are

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