My Dear Sunrise

March 13, 2011
The radiant sun slowly peeks above the ocean, causing my darkened room to flood with brilliant light.

I haven't slept a wink..for I couldn't get your precious words out of my mind.

I gaze at the glorious sunrise before me, and hum a gentle tune. I can still see your face when I close my eyes.

I'm focusing on the waves crashing against the shore. They have a nice rhythm. Although, only a small amount of sand gets hydrated..over, and over.

Without you, I would feel like the sand beyond. Each grain parched, and wind-blown. You bring my smile out, you keep me singing.

You're not the're not the strongest..nor the most handsome.

But, I like you that way.

A person with no realistic flaws isn't much of an inspiration...and not as intriguing as you are, my dear.

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LoudDreamer said...
Dec. 12, 2011 at 7:42 pm
Brilliant! I love the way you tie in the partched sand, using it as a simile for your life without your friend. Sometimes I feel the same way about my friends, Im not sure I could survive my life without them, and I especially love this at the moment because Im not going to get to see any of my friends til mid January, and that is if I'm lucky. Great job, it brought a happy laugh out of me. Defidentally five stars.
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