A Final Harmony to a Lost Lover

March 12, 2011
I remember the day we met,
I could feel the happiness setting in
At dusk.
And the joy spread out on my face
At dawn.
I woke up the next day completely
In love.
I was untouchable,
And so, I thought, was our love.

You held me close,
Despite the distance;
Said it could never matter;
Said that you loved me
More than anything;
Said we were meant to be.
You said forever and ever

You were my guardian angel,
Matching face and all;
Because your halo had more iridescent
Than a heavenly light.
I could not see anything.
But the love you felt.
Forever was not as long
As what literature says.
You were gone within
Five fortnights.

I felt so cold on the inside,
No air, no life.
You were my everything.
So now I’m left, vacant and hollow.
How could you have left me?
I thought I did everything right.
Being in love is always drenched in spice,
Because you can never know when
It gets stale.

Without a warning,
Without a goodbye,
Without a say-so,
I stand here in isolation,
Without my heart,
For it has died.
But my love for you has not.

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valleeskincare said...
Apr. 18, 2011 at 9:50 am
Reading this poem brings me back to my first love and all of the feelings I had...this poem is honest and full of emotion...
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