March 12, 2011
My mind is so empty, toneless
As I sit idly, motionless
Numb and cold, callous

Because you made me this way

I stare blankly, heartless
Thinking, pondering, clueless
About who I am
Who I've become

Love is unhealthy
Love is diseased
Love is death

As I sit staring, motionless
My mind empty, toneless
Yet thoughts racing – heart racing
Pump, thump, Boom Boom Boom

Because you made me this way

Love is hollow
Love is superficial
Love is hopeless

Crying, tearful
Wanting to hide away, ugly
Bruised and broken, breathless
Sick of pain, memories
Your smile, devilish

Sick of being sick
Sick of life
Sick of this life
Wanting to fly, free

My mind so focused, thoughtful
As I shift, awakening
Faintly feeling, alive

Crawling, staggering, limp
Trying to escape, blinded
From this dark hole of despair
Agony, pain, suffering

Because you helped me become

Love is learning
Love is strengthening
Life goes on

Balanced, standing
Head is clear, crystal
Knowing what I must do, certain
I inch forward

I stare ahead, determined
One step, two, walking
Toward light and hope
Daydream and desire

Because I made myself this way

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