Deliver Hope

March 19, 2011
This world is black.
Devoid of life.
This world is silent.
Absent of light.
There is no laughter.
Only pain.
Voices cry out.
They call my name.
They beg of me.
To leave this world.
Let go of sorrow.
leave this world
Forget tomorrow.
Leave this world.
They call to me.
End your life.
End your pain.
I hear them screaming.
I hear my name.
Is this the solution?
So pure so plain?
To just give up?
To leave this world?
My life has just begun.
And yet I curse this world.
Darkness blinds me from the light
So i curse this world.
Hope is lost.
So i curse this world.
is the single star in the universe.
Dieing yet never extinguished
The patron saint
of the cold
the hungry
the sick
the dieing
The sole reason to live.
when there is nothing left to live for.

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