March 15, 2011
The tears hit the floor in salt-water streams.
Pain flowing from me in the only way I know how to release it.
Pounding in my ears as my heart races.
Feeling scared and utterly alone.

No one left to hear my screams.
No one left to care.
I sit alone, isolation has became my best friend.
Drowning in my own sorrow.

Unable to understand why I can't do anything right.
Not understanding why no one will try to save me.
The truth starts to become known.
Falling on me like acid rain.

Struggling, Choking, wishing it would just finally take me under.
Wishing someone would help, would care, would pull me back up.
This is becoming unbearable, the gauntlet has been thrown for anyone brave enough to take the challenge.
I'm losing everything including my sanity.

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