Tic tac toe

March 15, 2011
By Anonymous

want to play a game
a game that wheedles like smoke
where the rules cannot be too broken
where your only tool
can be your mass destruction
like Russian roulette
you never know for sure
the outcome,
only your own determination and frustration
how you can go too far
and create the web on your own skin
addiction can be certain
you'll want to try your chance again
to see your blood rise
and for your faults to slide
where your emotions are released
from the rusting chains
but temporlarly
pick your weapon
the razor, the knife,
your nails, your life
and play tic tac toe
the game of crisses and crosses
your playing field is your pick
whether your hips, arms, belly or wrists
and you do this just to be saved

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