Awoken Comatose

March 7, 2011
By bigdreamsbigheart PLATINUM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
bigdreamsbigheart PLATINUM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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You’re one-day to late
The angles have already come and taken my soul
It was the last night for you tot hold me
But now you’re alone
Falling inside the black
Your living in yesterdays
I use to be your drug
Now I’m just your memory
I’m your whisper in the dark
Making you believe in the rebirthing of a hear
I’m forgiving the monster inside of you
Making you a hero
In the heavens eyes

To them you have awaken
Your spirit
You’re alive in the light
They describe this condition as comatose
The sweet holy disease

My whispers will be faint in your dreams
You’ll be screaming out
To no be waken

You don’t want to leave
The sweet existence of which you’ve become
But the older you get
You’ll realize that it wasn’t me
Speaking life into your eyes
It was your heart triggering
It’s gracefulness

You’ll be wishing
You could go back to those nights
Change every wrong
Make every should’ve
A did
And every could’ve
A had
But remember you’re forgiven
You’re free
Because you
Never Surrendered

The author's comments:
I love the band skillet and i took all the names of their songs and made a detailed poem about them.

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