The Greatness of Humans

March 18, 2011
By Starkid42 SILVER, Ridgewood, New Jersey
Starkid42 SILVER, Ridgewood, New Jersey
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The Earth is the beauty of all creations,
The diamond in the ruff.
It alone holds human life,
Truly, truly a work of art.

But please tell me, o wisest humans,
What has happened to our planet?
Since when was it ours to do with as we please?
What has happened to natural order?

Why are we intelligent
When we fight wars and kill our Mother Earth?
Can we survive in mild conditions,
Or do we cry and retreat to a house?

How many grown tigers do you know of
Who depend on others to bring them food and are helpless to do anything for themselves?
How many zebras have you heard of
Who try to kill all the lions so that they might live a little longer and not be forced to die?

There are those who say zero because
Those are animals, dumb beasts.
Well, to you, I've one thing to say,
What are we if not beasts, more terrible than the most ruthless shark that would never attack without provocation?

Then there are those who say zero because
Those are animals, so much wiser than us.
They know when another beast is stronger,
They do not attempt to dominate nature, but live alongside it instead.

What would happen if we were forced to abide by nature's rules?
Would we become barbarians, ignoring law and order?
Or would we simply become hairless wolves, not killing without reason?
Would we adapt and live, as those silly, stupid animals do?

Would we even survive, as weak as we are?
We have no claws, no talons, no sharp, ripping beaks.
We have no thick fur, no armor-plated shells, no hidden defenses.
We should be at the bottom of the food chain.

Why, then, are we at the top? Why have we risen to that highest level?
We must have been a mistake, that's why.
How else could we create such monstrosities as factories,
Without being some crazy freak of nature?

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