So now I'm God.

March 18, 2011
By NeoHaides BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
NeoHaides BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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"Only a handful of people truly matter. The rest are just chaff."

So now I'm God.
No more problems,
and no more pain.

So now I'm God.

Free to do as I wish,

and free from any agony.

So now I'm God.

Perfect with a perfect life

against no opposition.

So now I'm God.

An eternity of supposed joy

with an immaculate cosmos.

So now I'm God.


Every day is perfect.
Every aspect of life is perfect.
I am Perfect.

For eternity, every day is the same mirror of perfection mimicking the previous.

So now I'm God.

So what?

The author's comments:
Life has been too good.
I miss the pain.
I miss the real life.

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