Loquacious Parallel.

March 18, 2011
By , Phillipsburg, NJ
I'm worried I won't make it through.
And that's because of you.
Who else can I blame?
For the same shame
Tha.t I've felt before.

I should've knew.
But was caught up
Wondering what was new,
About you.

One thing after another.
Before I notice
How you smother her
I can't help, I start to dismiss.
Even deny.

With that out of the way
It's up to me.
What should I say?
This isn't easy.
It took all day.

When the time finally comes
I'm ready for it.
I've rehearsed a thousand times.
He sits.
I wince
Remembering his fist over me
Before he hit.

I'm stronger than before.
And so is he.
It takes a lot more.
To console me.
If I was consolable at all.
Maybe this would be easier.

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