It Was Just a Dream.

March 18, 2011
By awesomejosh BRONZE, Harrison, Arkansas
awesomejosh BRONZE, Harrison, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
"Never count yourself out of anything, your just as good as everyone else" My Dad

I begin to move swiftly.
I've been in my groove.
I come off the screen quickly.
My shot is silky smooth.
I hold my hand in the air after the shot.
As the ball goes through the net.
20 points total, I haven't missed yet.
As I run down the floor i can't help but smile.
The crowds cheering my name.
Were in the State Finals.
I love the feeling I get after hitting a big shot.
The games on the line, gotta give it all I got.
Down by 3, 5 seconds to go.
All I know is that I gotta give 'em a show.
Pass me the ball as I role off the screen.
I jump, shoot, and hit the three.
The buzzer sounds, I cant help but say,
"It's not my fault, I can do it all day."
Man coming off the bench makes me wanna say,
"I really wish that I played."
I wake up and wish it were real.
If I could play ball, I'd be the real deal.

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