taken away

March 18, 2011
By , Atlantic City, NJ

WAIT ………….. WAIT ………. WAIT ………….
IS IT finally our time to be together?
It felt like Jesus was going to come back
Before I could spend those few precious moments alone with you
Day in and day out my mind races
Wondering when is I going to spend a moment alone with you
It feels as if something or “SOMEONE” is always stealing your time away from me
Why I ask? WHY ME, OH LORD? ONLY HE KNOWS I need your attention badly
Before I start to rely on a negative way
Like depending on boys to give it to me through sex and lust
I awake to the early sun light and the first thing on my mind
Just like it’s the last thing before I close my precious eyes to rest my head, is you
Wondering if today’s the day
I get the alone attention I need so badly from you
The one & only that I love so dearly
I’m on my knees, tears welling in my eyes
Worrying if I will ever have to bribe you for it
You are the twinkling star IN MY SKY
You’re my little bit of hope when my backs against the wall
You will look me in my eyes and say
“N****** you’ve waited long enough
And today is the day I make you number one”
Then you will say, “Today your attention will not be taken away”

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