My Grandma, brave as can be

March 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Fear furrowed her brow
Sweat beat down her face
Her heart racing
As the knife glistened in the light
Slowly inching closer to her throat
Ready to steal her precious life
I hid in fear,
Not quite sure what to do
We all did.
We were all scared
Even my mother
Another innocent bystander
She shoved us out the door
Not wanting to know more.
My grandmother
A short, brave, big mouthed, Portuguese woman
Pushed up against the wall
Seemingly not scared at all
The cops rushed in
And away he went
Not something I recall
But a foolish story as I'm told
He thought he could win
With so many witnesses
What a fool
Deported away he went
Back to his land
Where he belongs
Now he lives a pathetic life
Drunkenly pacing the streets
Of a small town in Portugal
A worthless bum
As he's always been
And now always will be.

The author's comments:
Back Story:

My grandmother's ex-husband was abusive and almost killed her several times; this incident I was in the area for, although I don't remember a thing. One of the head cops that was at the site of this incident told her that if she didn't get rid of him and get a restraining order than he (ex-husband) would most likely kill her. So that's what she did and now as far as we know he's a drunken bum in a small town, village in Portugal.

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