A bad poem

March 13, 2011
By Wonderlocks SILVER, Orlando, Florida
Wonderlocks SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Whom are you to be a calling a poem good or bad?

To you a poem maybe nothing but a bunch of words, to someone else a poem is the light at the end of a dark tunnel,

It's a baby's first laugh,

a lovers first kiss,

a first love...

It's velvet to my soul that calms and soothes after a night of pain,

a get away.

It's the sand between my toes, and the sun warming my skin.

The waves foaming and crashing in an endless dance.

Its the breeze running through my hair,

it's your fingers entwined in mine,

it's your voice a whisper in my ear.

It's the taste of our love on my lips, wishing that I might drink from this poison once more.

It's the stars up above shinning and smiling down on us...

it's knowing that out there someone feels the same.

It's a mirror into one's soul,

it's the echo of all of our hearts, beating together as one but alone all the same.

Is this poem?

No, my dear.

This is just words.

Words to tell you, your not alone.

Words for all those 'bad' poems out there in the world...

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