Buried By Darkness

March 10, 2011
I’ve been living in the dark for so long,
All of mankind is hidden from me.
I can’t tell if I’m alive,
Or dead.
If I scream,
I doubt that anyone would be able to hear me,
I’m so isolated.
Starting to regret,
The way I’ve lived for the past few years,
Pushing everyone away.
I’m breaking down now,
And there’s no one to help me find the pieces,
Let alone help me pick them all up.
I thought I’d be fine without anyone,
And now I’m realizing that I really do need someone,
Here that I can lean on.
Someone to hold me up.
I remember when I was able to hide things,
Run away and find peace behind my mask.
Now that mask is cracking,
I’m scared that it might fully fall apart at any,
Point in time.
I try to hold my mask together,
That way I can escape this enclosing darkness,
That I’ve called my home for so long.
I wish to see the sunlight once again,
Yet I can’t.
I imagine that by now,
I’m the palest of pale,
And I don’t care.
I never could tan,
Why should that change now?
I can feel the sting of the venom going through my veins,
I’ve gained strength that I can’t even imagine the length of,
But it all disappears if I leave the total darkness that,
Holds so tightly onto me.

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