we're idiots

March 10, 2011
Why do I put up with this?
You're annoying
You're ugly
You're crazy
My love for you is suppressed with hate and anger
I need to extirpate you from my life, but I won't
My threats are as explicit as they are empty
Your angelic ocean blue eyes hold demons
you anchor me to darkness,
but you're the only light I'll ever see.

Why do you put up with this?
I'm whiny
I'm officious
I'm completely out of my mind
I know that you ironically hate me as much as you love me
I know that I am the girl of your dreams,
but your dream is as ominous as it is bewitching
I take your breath away,
but you will inevitably suffocate

The world will shake, The roof will cave
We'll break in this destitute world we've built
We know why we put up with this
We don't only make sacrifices at the pinnacle of love,
We sacrifice through the depths of despair,
through the dangerous troughs of anger.
We put up with this because
We would rather fall into destruction with each other,
then fall in love with anyone else

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