March 4, 2011
By Imitat BRONZE, Arizona
Imitat BRONZE, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"A dream within a dream within a Dream."-Inception

Swirling around me
A crystal clear but colorful world
Holding so many secrets waiting
An explosion of passion
Vibrant colors cloud my vision
when it clears
a vast land is opened

Pirates fighting among themselves
on their ships of wonder
now only a memory
surrounded by fish and algae
Swordfish clang their large noses together
while their meal gets away
causing bubbles to rise up to the surface
and make me giggle.
A whale’s call completes the vision
a melodic sound
but soprano
but intimidating

Currents colliding with each other
making ripples in the somewhat calm water
the orchestra of the ocean
is playing for me
being underwater is the place to be
too bad
I’m running out of air
been underwater too long
and need to breathe.

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