Freedom from chains

March 4, 2011
I didn’t like you; I liked the idea of you. Looking at you is impossible. You were the nightmare that turned real. This nightmare of you will haunt me. Who do you think you are? You’ve lost the love I loved the most. Wishing for you to care is like wishing for snow in the dead of winter. A single tear falls down my cheek as you walk out of my life. You and what I thought we had vanished. Show me how to lie you get better each and every time. They say life’s unfair and it will get better eventually but what do they know? It wasn’t your fault but mine because I put my heart on the line. I can’t keep living this way but all in all today is just one more day. I’m not on your leash anymore… I’m free. Your chains aren’t holding me back. I’m free. But free is not a good word. The freedom wasn’t free. I paid for it in pain. But yesterday’s pain was washed away by today’s new rain. Without you I’ve taught myself how to life half a life. I’m done waiting for your crap. There is anger and lies in your eyes, your eyes look like your drowning in your own demise. We’re only two feet away but these two feet are killing me. I’m not giving these words time to fizzle on my taste buds and give me time to regret ‘cause I’m walking away and setting myself free.

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