the insomniac

March 10, 2011
By greyxraven BRONZE, Gilmer, Texas
greyxraven BRONZE, Gilmer, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
and death i think is no parenthesis

wringing the neck of morpheus
my body is exhausted
my mind is restless
my eyes are forced shut
expecting to fall in a trance
even if for only a minute
thoughts dance in my head
i sing a song
breath escapes from my chest
my eyes fly open
they know there will be no rest tonight
my walls are draped with grey
i can't find the reason why i continue to lie awake
a symphony attempts to hum a lullaby
force me to sleep
my mind won't allow it
there is much conflict to be settled
there is no time allotted for such activities
i must find a wiser way to spend the time
yet i continue to lie here
eyes wide open
impatiently wating for light to leak in from the east
i watch the windows hoping that the next time i blink
sun will pour into my room
bringing a new day
a new chance
to rid my insomnia

The author's comments:
ummm...true story. i have insomnia and i don't typically see the importance of sleep, so i hardly ever get rest.. i wrote this around 3 or 4 am if i remember correctly.

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