War Tears

March 23, 2011
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I look around as the smoke begins to clear
I see my best friend motion less and dead
I start to cry silent tears
I’ve gained nothing from this battle Just loss, death, and dirt

You tell me what I am fighting for
None of that means anything to me
I want my friend back
I want the guns of war to stop sounding
I want the warm embrace of my lover back home

The ground around me is stained with blood
Blood of my friends, blood of my enemies and the blood of those I did not know

We march in straight lines
Holding weapons of death and evil
There is fear in the eyes of our adversaries
But they know were just as scared

I look down trying to hide my tears on my face
I long for warmth, peace, and love
My tears hit the soil like little diamonds of hope
Hope that one day I will return home
Hope that this killing had a purpose
Hope that god will forgive these men

I look back up and I know it’s time
Time to die
As the bullet enters my chest
I stare at the man who ended my life
And I say one last prayer

Now I’m going home to a warm embrace
Where there is no war, no guns, and no hate
Only love, happiness, and nothing to fear

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