A Week of Bliss

February 22, 2011
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The excitement builds,
And the adrenaline rushes
As our car eases up the drive.
I have been waiting for this
For nearly a year.

I jump out of the car to find
Two familiar people grinning,
Being just as pleased and ecstatic as I am.
Two more come along,
And we are off.

The house three stories high,
The dock stretched across the lake,
Our junk spread everywhere around the room.
Life just couldn’t
Get any better.

The week rolled by so fast,
So impossibly fast, it was nearly bliss.
It was more than I could have asked for.
Just a whole lot of fun,
Just happiness.

I remember every moment,
Even the little, unimportant ones.
Like sitting on the dock eating hamburgers.
Even something as simple as
Taking pictures.

I recall the bikes, the stage,
The “cliff” diving, the tubing,
The playing ball in the black of night,
The eating and even
The sunburns.

Biking through the Tahoe trails,
The sun casting shadows through the leaves.
That well-known feel of the sand frying my bare feet.
Oh, and the freezing
Cold water.

Floating through the crystal clear lake
On inner tubes and the inflatable kayak,
My dogs plundering through the breaking waves,
The total beauty,
The elegance.

I would love to go back,
But perhaps I should savor
Those memories ; keep them as they are.
I will always, always

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