I wish I was pretty...

March 9, 2011
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I wish I could use
The lovely, deep, beautiful words
That I may drop, may loose
The phrases, sayings, meanings
To tell you the simple thing:
I love you

I wish I could say
Straight out
My heart was on a leash
Now astray, it seems
My aqua eyes adore your own chestnut ones
And I lay asleep, only to dream my only pleasant dreams:
Where I love you

I wish I had a way
To tell you what I really felt
Without being so vague
Without making you bored:
But I love you

I wish I was pretty
So when I told you my poetic way
Of telling you my secret
My itty, bitty, not-so-pretty
Of spilling my pink, ripe soul
That you would say:
I love you

I wish you would listen

To me say the lovely, deep, beautiful words
That glisten
On my tongue
Come out of my lips so young
Cross the sea to your hinted hearing
And watch it develop in its righteous place in your mind.

I wish these words were mine to say to you:
I love you.

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