Life Is Love

March 9, 2011
What does life to its meaning?
Knowing what move to make,
On every single step,
I take.

Knowing that the only person,
You trust,
Takes you for granted,
Buried under the flames,
While i can no longer stand it.

My friends keep asking,
Why can't i just,
Forget about it.
From what I'm addicted to....
The pain, Stress, And drama,
That I'm drawing to myself.

Knowing that i pray everyday,
For the benefit of,
My family,
And future.

I wait...,
I wait for those prayers,
To be answered,
But it seems to me,
Those prayers,
Wont come anytime soon.

Knowing that i go to school,
Spending time,
Trying... Trying hard,
On how to become,
A better person,
Than i am today.

I sit here,
Looking back at those times,
The days and nights,
I was happy,
But right now life is depressing.

Wondering how it feels,
To be blind,
Not able to see what your doing,
But feel.
Wondering how it feels,
To be deaf,
Not knowing what people say,
But see.

To me,
Life is nothing but a game,
Trying to find the piece,
That's missing in your life.

Figuring out the rules,
Trying not to mess up,
On what you do,
Or choose.

As days pass by,
I look back,
At those times i was,
Depressed about life.

I then realized that,
You don't need that one person to be happy,
All you need is love,
From friends & Family.

You don't have to compare,
Yourself to others,
Or dress like them,
Be confident about who you are,
And don't develop,
A low self-esteem like i did.

Know that your day,
Will come anytime soon,
And you just might be that one person,
That people will talk about,
In World History.

Appreciate what you have,
And what God gave you,
After all,
What else in life can you do,
But try.

Live and love life,
Like I'm doing today.

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