Being In Love Isn't My Fault

March 9, 2011
By LeahChristine BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
LeahChristine BRONZE, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
I’m for crushes not acted upon,
for admiration from afar,
for the delicate and the resilient and the fragile human heart,
may it always heal stronger than it was before.

-Taylor Mali

Being                         in this room. Not my fault.
                                    Want to leave.
Want to stay.
                                    Run to the door. It’s locked.
                                    Locked from the inside.
                                    Do I want to unlock it?
In                                 the room still. Heart pounds.
                                    Breath quickens.
                                    Turn around. Look at you.
                                    Want to leave. Want to stay.
                                    I can’t choose.
Love                           sucks. Makes you scared.
                                    Clouds your judgment.
                                    Love is this room.
                                    Want to leave. Want to stay.
                                    Still can’t choose.
Isn’t                           this what I want?
                                    Stay in the room. Stay in love.
                                    Wait for you. Hope you see.
Is it hopeless?
Should I leave?
My                              heart still pounds. You’re still here.
                                    I can leave, but I can’t.
                                    Want to leave, but I can’t.
                                    You come closer. I can’t turn away.
                                    Don’t blame me.
Fault                          is all yours. Not mine.
                                    You pull me closer. Then let me go.
                                    Make me stay. Want to leave.
                                    Make me leave. Want to stay.
                                    The door unlocks. I can leave.
                                    But I can’t.

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Ramona T. said...
on May. 8 2011 at 12:40 pm
Wow! This is really amazing! I just love it!


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