Music of the Night

March 9, 2011
By IsabelEmrys BRONZE, Robesonia, Pennsylvania
IsabelEmrys BRONZE, Robesonia, Pennsylvania
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The autumn leaves blow over the moonlit pavement. Each leaf leaps in the air like a dancer before scurrying off the stage and disappearing behind the dark curtain of the night.

The night sky shines brightly with stars from the Heavens that twinkle a lullaby. Its tune is melancholy and meek as they wait to return to their slumber.

The man in the moon sleeps with one eye open to watch and illuminate his Kingdom of Mischief.

Each naked tree sways mischievously to the long, weary sighs of the wind.

Frost lies on the dying grass creating a sheet of ice on a green lake. The creek runs silent, frozen in time, waiting to grace the air with its song.

A haunting tune plays through the open window of the small cottage. The wooden swing on the porch creaks to the rhythm.

An old woman sits, her breath melting into the sighs of the wind. Her husband sits beside her and stares at the starry sky.

Together they listen to the Music of the Night.

The author's comments:
I was sitting outside at night and this just came to me.

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