An Unknown Path

March 9, 2011
By Drake18 GOLD, Schoharie, New York
Drake18 GOLD, Schoharie, New York
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I awaken to the sound of melodious birds,
To christen the day with a morning run.
As I press into the morning sun,
Its rays begin caressing my skin.

The journey begins down a new path,
Through towering trees unknown to me.
Feeling twigs and leaves crackle under my feet,
I press forward to the sound of my heartbeat.

Inhaling an aroma of dew-sweetened grass,
The morning laps around my ankles.
My legs begin to pound with every step,
Like a marching band stepping in unison with every drumbeat.

A blur of images as my pace quickens,
Lost in the array of the forest.
Surging through a single lane path,
Like a child through a desolate hallway.

Claustrophobia begins to resonate in me,
As the trees loom closer every passing second.
Sprinting the last few meters,
Like an Olympian pushing for a new world record.

I emerge through the thicket,
And find solace in the open air.
With a sudden realization, tremors coarse through my body;
A sudden realization I must do it all again tomorrow.

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