I Am.....

March 11, 2011
By bellastar SILVER, Janesville, Wisconsin
bellastar SILVER, Janesville, Wisconsin
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I am a friend, a daughter, a whisper.
I wonder what the reason for life is
I hear the rain outside breaking free
I see my life falling apart right in front of me
I want to break free and live forever
I am a friend, a daughter, a soul

I pretend to be happy and act like things don’t bother me
I feel weak, powerless, alone
I worry that my happiness will end
I wish that everything that is bad would disappear
I am a friend, a daughter, a voice
I understand that everything has a reason
I say things I don’t mean; things I don’t like
I dream that one day I will meet him
I try to be strong, but it’s only on the outside
I hope for a better future, a darker day
I am a friend, a daughter, a heart…..strong enough to change the world.

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