Alien Invasion

March 11, 2011
By , Kings Park, NY
You are like an alien.
You have come and invaded my life,
And put me into some sort of trance.
You’re strength is impossible,
And your eyes,
How I have never seen such a shade of green.
Yet you never dare to directly look someone in their eyes,
As if looks could kill.
It is like you take the place of gravity,
Pulling me closer to you without even trying.
The feeling you give me if far stronger than any other force of nature,
Than any other wind or rain.
How your voice utters an accent unknown to man,
Raspy yet melodious as if you were constantly in sing-song.
You’ve tangled me up in your invisible net,
It’s done, you’ve caught me for sure.
You are all I want.
You are far more powerful than any other force of nature.
There is no way you could be human,
For no human could ignite a sense of love so strong.
I know I should be scared,
But I am quite the opposite.
I don’t care if looks could kill,
Because I have never felt more alive,
Until I saw you.

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