Aylleen Says.

March 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Aylleen says she's a fool.
She feels that feeling again
Someone colored her heart a new shade of black.
Hush now and hide the scars.
The thoughts provoke her again.But she must recover.
Aylleen says "Im blind and lost , but not stupid.absorbing it all in. yet its not wise."
She feels nothing anymore.
She wonders how everyone enjoys the HARDEST things of her life.
Cliche black and white world. nothing beautiful about it .
Wanting a little peace of mind and an escape.
Hopefully forever. But yet .
Aylleen says that little Bunny in the back of her mind. doesn't let her do anything.
She says so many things are lies.
Saying close your eyes and imagine.
She seeks a lie and missed kiss.
Aylleen sees the laughter.
Wondering how beautiful they all look.
While she dies on the inside.
Her mind a whirlwind of colors.
The world can't know.
Aylleen promises the stars for a better morning.
The sun mooning us.
A thousand.lies made her cold.
Aylleen wants her life back.
Because the colors are killing her.
She wants to trade her heart in for a solution and peace.
Her secrets to the trash.
Aylleen found this.
She found ignorance and peace.
Aylleen feels things are getting better.
But will they be the same?
No more change or she cant handle it .
her heart of glass. Gently held.
She has hope for you all.

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