I Am...

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

I am invisibility and silence
I wonder if anyone sees the real me
I hear all the whispering
I see all the glares
I want to speak
I am invisibility and silence

I pretend to be ok
I feel all the hate
I touch the bed,I have to lay in
I worry that this won't ever change
I cry because of the rumors
I am invisibility and silence

I understand people get mad
I say everything's ok
I dream that it's all perfect
I try to stop making mistakes
I hope I can really speak one day
I am invisibility and silence

The author's comments:
I got inspired to write this, based on my school life, however on other things too...I hope people will learn that even though you make mistakes, it's just a part of life, and people should forgive and forget! If they don't, then they aren't worth it, and aren't either your true friends, or whatever people you apply to this poem! I hope you guys liked it...it is my first one.

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