The illegal man

March 8, 2011
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He fled from his country
Now he works in butchery
Sixteen hours a day
For very little pay
His employer knows from where he came
So it’s okay to treat him the same
As the animals he chops up
Can’t take time fill his water cup
Forced to work every day all week
Food for his family he must seek
He wishes for better
He can’t even write a letter
His children all go
But he can never know
The pleasures of education
In this nation
He came to be free
Forced to flee.
Paid for safe passage
Treated like baggage
He wants to be his own person
He has learned the lesson
To stand on his own
He must take out a loan
For the process is extensive
And very expensive.
He wishes for a change
In the political range
How can we help this man?
He has always ran
We must take action
And get a positive reaction
From dc
So they see him and me
On equal ground
This is yet to be found.

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