Each Other's Shoes

March 6, 2011
By Anonymous

You love me,
And I love you,
But we won't get along,
'Till we're in each other's shoes.

So I'll try yours,
And you'll try mine,
I'll see it your way,
And see what I find.

I slip yours on,
And this is what I see,
Someone enters the room,
Brown hair and eyes; me.

Love that never fails,
That's what you feel for me,
It rains down like hail,
And floods like a sea.

But when I start to fight,
And you start to scream,
Late into the night,
You're mad at me.

The very next day,
I say I love you,
You get your way,
And say I love you to.

I understand you now,
You understand me to,
Now I know why and how,
I love you.

Now we're the best of friends,
Because we tried each other's shoes,
Sorry, but this is the end,
Greetings or farewell; thank you.

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