March 5, 2011
Your words
They mean nothing
They sink into the ground
They lose all their sound
You can’t do anything
To bring me down
Try to push me
Try to shake me
But I will not fall
Try to hurt me with your words
But they mean nothing at all
I am free
On my own
I don’t need you
I don’t want you
I can’t see you
I am blind
To your hurt
To your pain
I see no shame
With my heart
I speak of love
Of happiness
Of gain
I live
I sing
I am free
I am free
Keep trying to push
But I will not fall
I am strong
I am resilient
I am courage
I am all
I am who I’m supposed to be
In my place
In my world
I am freedom
I am liberty
I am woman
I am girl
I am a filter
Not a sponge
Clean my soul
And leave the rest
I am beauty
I am reason
I am thankful
I am blessed
Above this I will fly
This is my freedom
This is my cry
Take your pain
And your hurt
Take your lies
And your dirt
And sink into the ground
Above you I will fly
Cause your words
They mean nothing
They mean nothing at all

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