March 4, 2011
By , hesperia, CA
I came walking from the past
what has become of the world
shocked was I
at what I saw
I asked a person.
"Now I see trees
not green and not brown with bark,
but shiny, hard, lifeless things
grow as high as mountains
in all their cold beauty.
Pray tell me, person,
what had happened to the trees that grow?
Have these new abominations devoured the flowers?
Tell me, person, where are the meadows with their clear flowing streams, for I see naught but murky puddles with foul smells.
Please tell me, person,
what has happened to the clouds once radiant white in the radiant blue of the sky?
Now hovers a never ending yellow haze that blankets forests of those strange dead trees.
What has happened, person, to this once glorious world" I asked.
And he replied

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