Journey Home

March 4, 2011
On an island all alone,
The Smurf sits on the beach day and night,
Sunset to sunrise hoping to one day find victory
In his normal life at home.
The sand aches once more as the Smurf lays down to rest,
Feeling the hard rough sand crunch upon his head.

He wakes up each morning hoping his family has come,
But disappointment fills his head as he realizes he’s alone.
He lies there and thinks about his life and his home
Then suddenly realizes the time has come.
He must stop waiting for them to come along,
So today is the day he is to journey back home.

He thinks of possibilities not sure where to start,
When suddenly he sees the blue ocean waves rolling about.
The Smurf comes up with a plan to soon find his victory
No matter what it takes or what he must overcome.
He has not swam in his life,
Though he is determined to see his wonderful kids and beautiful wife.

Whoosh! The Smurf runs to the water when suddenly…
Screech! His feet quickly come to a halt.
He is terrified of water but comes up with a scheme.
He takes off his hat using it as a boat,
Smelling sweet victory as he floats to the shore.
In a matter of time he shall soon reach his home.

When he finally reaches his home out in the west,
He puts on his hat hoping for the best.
He listens through the door hearing great fun and laugher,
As he cleans himself up before walking inside.
He hurries inside to see his prefect family
Impatient and excited as their father has arrived.

He kisses his wife sweetly on the lips
Tasting her sweet love and special blueberry kips
A dessert he missed much,
Along with her delicious cooking and his wonderful kids.
His kids run at him like a pack of wild animals
Ready to give him hugs and welcome him back home.

His victory back home was really more than he had imagined,
It was like winning the lottery and much much more.
His family hadn’t changed much
As they had waited patiently for this day to come.
They all agreed to never separate again,
And the Smurfs victory was truly won.

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