Inhale... Exhale...

March 17, 2011
By Steohaine.L.Hood BRONZE, Cheverly, Maryland
Steohaine.L.Hood BRONZE, Cheverly, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
I Quote myself

Who knows were this life is going to take me in the future
but i made it my New Years Resolution to Live this life a long as can...
" No Ones Holding Me Back"

Let a few tears drop form you eyes then wipe them clear...
It’s Time to open your eyes to what’s real.
While every body asking what the big deal.
An before u talk I want you to Inhale
But wait don't fall
Don’t let no one see you that way cause your not weak at all
Now Exhale
An tell it all
That your real Powerful woman and that no one will ever
See you fall or will you crawl
To a such pathetic man like you
You Know im right its true
Now shhh don't talk
Let me think this all threw
I’m going to
Cause I’m better then you.

The author's comments:
The nothing much to say about this piece except that to me its one of the best piece's I have written because I wrote it at a time when I was showing emotion...

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