let them be

March 7, 2011
let them be pampered puppies
always fed

and adored
but imprisoned within bent metal that block you out of an entire world
id rather be a mangled



hunt or be hunted
to be as determined as a lake surviving on what the ocean had offered long ago
to have my paw prints scattered across hundreds of unforgiving lands each day
to live
to have my howl heard calling past the moon through the vast and eternal stars to be swayed by the rhythm of winds as the ancient Indians chant my name carrying my soul through sacred mountains and into the abyss of my heavens
id rather have my own identity and if than be disowned but the world
than to be identified as someone else's and called a name of not my own


and nurtured by greedy hands
id rather be a leader who investigates the world to see what things are truly right
than to live a commercialized false but happy life
if i could stand alone


and with a voice
id rather be a lone wolf

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