Slip Grip (Song in Progress)

March 3, 2011
Verse: Before you go, one last hit, one more thrill
Giving in and letting loose, with a minute to kill
Its a sweet addiction that leaves you in a bitter haze
A tempting treat with a sour after taste
You know it will kill you quick
But you love every minute that it makes you sick
Stealing your mind, body, and soul
Yet without out it, your empty, something missing, a hole
Verse: Stumbling through the midnight streets
Pressures on and your starting to feel the hear
Lost forever in a moment of bliss
A false paradise with a toxic kiss
You reach out for the closest brick wall
Yet you tumble down and still fall
No one knows your here at all
This has cost you everything, no one to call
Helpless you lie awake and wait
Soon it will all be through, you've sealed your fate
Verse: Have you forgotten why your here
Letting yourself slip, consumed by fear
Nervousness clutching your chest leaving you numb, no grip
Its a contagious disease that makes you slip
And a dreadful tease you'll never fully get
Charismatic and dangerous like a stranger stealing your grip
Simple chaos that takes you away
Slip grip is a novelty and a virus
Slip grip . . a treasure and poisonous
Slip grip. . your addiction, your need

Who's to blame because you slip
Slip grip. . the killer.. the lover
Slip grip. . the friend. . the liar
Slip grip is your sugar coated cell
Slip grip your cover up since you're not real
Your own personal hell. .

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