trapped in a living hell

March 2, 2011
By PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
PuppyKaufman SILVER, Winthrop, Maine
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YAY! YAY! vacation starts TODAY!! worst week of my life. come now and take a chunk out of me. Leave me here in misery, you have been doin it a lot lately. god I hate this universe. wow, everyone seems to hate me, well they dont know a freaken thing about the truth. im here stressing stressing, stressing out and im about to freak right out. and what do they do? they annoy and annoy and ANNOY! well pretty soon im gonna snap, like a rubber band stretched to far I'm gonna break right inside and probably just break down and cry. cry and cry till I flood the world in my sorrows. cause I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! the stress is getting to me. though i hide it, though i disguise it, im breaking down inside. somebody, ANYBODY help me, I BEG you please just end this misery!! inside I am falling apart, believe it or not my disguise is wearing thin, soon there will be nothing left of the boy who acted like all was sweet and fine in place place will be a shell, a boy trapped in a living hell of others making. i cannot take anymore stress, i attempt to let it out. as it builds and builds preparing to explode. and yet the stress of life refuses to be halted. and so it builds before it can be released. it goes beyond its safety point and soon, i shall implode.

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