I am me!

February 28, 2011
I am me!

I mean something to the world

My heart tells me that passion will be my guide

My mind tells me that I should follow logic

And not be led astray by the folly known as love

The path of logic isn't often traveled

The path of love worn and trodden

Many say that sentiment clouds logic

That reason is the only path worth traveling

Others say that following your heart leads to bliss

Now the pilgrim must decide which road to take

Weigh the consequences in the balance of life

And once the tally is given, must pick the better

I am me!

I mean something to the world

My life is not entirely without purpose

My continued respiration is not in vain

I could walk the path of love

To exercise logic on my sentimental journey

A combination of these paths that's well advised

Instead I choose to blaze my own path

To contribute to the world in a way unlike another

To not only combine the paths

But to elaborate on the meanings of each

TO find a deeper purpose in each path

I hope that you choose to share the trek with me

However, if you don't I shall depart on my travels

And bravely continue alone into the wilderness

If for no other reason than to prove that....

I am me!!

And I mean something to the world

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